Intelligent Extended Vendor Ecosystem

The combination of cyber threats, the Covid-19 pandemic, and war in Europe created logistics and supply chain risks.
We develop Artificial Intelligence technology that maps supply chain ecosystems to help address those challenges

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Intelligent Network

Extended Vendor Ecosystem Mapping

Manage Vendor Supply Chain Vulnerabilities

Supply Chain Transparency To Guarantee Product Availability

Help Protect From Cyber Risk Security Concerns

Identify N-degree Vendors To Protect From Cyber-attacks

Automated, Effective And Low Cost Solution


Proprietary Extended Vendor Ecosystem Database

Organizations’ ecosystems are constantly evolving as new relations are established, terminated or evolve. To maintain an entity ecosystem complete, comprehensive and accurate manually would take a significant effort without a guarantee of success.

Cost Effective Solution

Reduce the challenge and expense of maintaining a supply chain extended ecosystem updated and comprehensive through manual inputs.

Ganiz Ecosystem

It is difficult for organizations to fully map their extended vendor ecosystem due to information that is fragmented and often private and closely guarded

Our proprietary technology automatically maps vendor ecosystems across the Globe. It provides transparency that allows organizations to monitor their extended ecosystem against cyber threats and supply chain disruptions.

Supply Chain Risks

Cyber Threat Risk

Manage cyber risk across the vendor ecosystem. Leverage Artificial Intelligence tools to identify potential attack vectors that can enable cybersecurity threats.

Pandemic-disruption Risk

The Covid-19 pandemic created persistent logistics and supply chain disruptions in the manufacturing sector, with the supply of goods often negatively affected.

War Supply Chain Disruptions

Increased awareness of vendor ecosystems to gain visibility to ensure that supplies are secure from disruptions from wars and other geopolitical factors.

ESG Compliance

Transparency about the organization's ESG compliance to manage ecosystem-wide ESG risks and to avoid greenwashing. Understanding ESG behaviors that impact an actual or potential investment.

How We Do It

Our proprietary AI automatically identifies ecosystem nodes and their relationship to generate an intelligent Vendor Ecosystem Map. The system automatically generates data, avoiding the limitation and biases of manual inputs and questionnaires.

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About Us

Transparent, Cost-Effective, Timely

At Ganiz, we believe that the current threats to traditional business models need a transparent, cost-effective, and timely solution.

Secure, Profitable

Our proprietary technology and database help organizations monitor extended vendor ecosystems for a more secure and profitable future.


Founded in 2020 by experienced data and technology professionals, Ganiz is based in Miami with a presence in Montevideo and Geneva.


Ganiz allows organizations to know whom they are doing business with, directly and indirectly. This will enable them to protect themselves from potential cyber breaches and bad actors.
Provides transparency at multiple levels that allow improved protection from ecosystem cyber-attacks with ongoing monitoring and effective new vendor onboarding

It can give Organizations a competitive edge by providing them with information and insights about their competitors’ supply chains.

Gain visibility into organizations’ stakeholder ecosystem to avoid greenwashing and manage ecosystem-wide ESG risks.

Competitive Intelligence allows it to learn about its competitor’s or investment target’s ecosystems. Reacting to news reports and corporate actions related to the investee’s ecosystem